Monday, December 3, 2012

Fing'rs Edge Nail Strips Review

Hello I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Sunday. I want to say thank you to all of my new followers i really enjoy meeting and following new bloggers :)

So today while i was cooking a recipe of my grandmother (goulash) I had a huge dilemma. I totally forgot that on Thanksgiving my can opener broke! I was so mad haha :)   I try not to eat canned or processed food but my recipe called for tomato juice and stewed tomatoes.  Anyways, so i had to run out to our local Family Dollar store and as i was walking to the kitchen aisle for my can opener these beauties caught my eye

So cute right!?!  They were only 3.00 so I was like what a STEAL!

Here are the directions I am tired (okay okay and LAZY, don't judge) so i took a picture instead of typing them. Hey, whatever works right?

They were pretty easy to apply. I am going to say that this brand and the KISS brand i used before they both fit some of my nails weird. I didn't have enough of the sticker to cover the sides of my nails but I'm thinking maybe my nails are just a crazy shape, I'm not sure ill have to google more reviews. Its not noticeable so I'm not complaining.

Here is my finished product:

Don't pay attention to the shiny mess around my cuticles I added a top coat to make the stickers last longer I just haven't washed my hands to take the polish off my skin.

I would  give this 4 stars out of 5 only because when i filed them off  the sticker kind of wanted to peel off where i had filed and because the pinkie sticker was way to big for my finger but then again like i said i probably just have crazy shaped nails :)

Here are the KISS brand nails that i did last week.

You can find the KISS brand at Dollar General I didn't see them at my Family Dollar.

What is your favorite nail trend this fall?

Thanks for reading!

XoXo Phelicia