Friday, November 30, 2012

Dino Lingo for kids DVD set

Hello! Happy last day of November! Where has the year gone? This year has went by so fast!
Since tomorrow marks the fist day of December and we are rushing around trying to figure out what to buy our children,siblings,nieces,nephews etc.. I have found these cutest video sets that are educational.

As a mother I've always tried to buy toys and videos that were also educational and i really like the Dino Lingo videos.

Here is a clip of one that teaches Latin. Blogger isn't cooperating but here is the link for the Spanish video:

Check out their YouTube channel they have 34 videos and other languages that include English,Russian,Persian,Japanese,Swedish,Irish,Bulgarian,French and many more.
Watch Dino Lingo on YouTube here
Where Can I buy Dino Lingo?
How much does Dino Lingo cost?
For the Spanish set it is 148.95 Which isn't bad considering what comes with it. The set includes:
5 DVDs / 150 flash cards / 10 posters / a vocabulary book / a coloring book
world map / Spanish flag / parents guide / a dinosaur plush toy
It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Spanish for kids full home education set
Be Sure to check them out on their YouTube page and their website.
What presents will you be purchasing for Christmas this year?
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Friday, November 9, 2012

"Crafty Chic Boutique" is now open!!

Hello! :) I haven't been around because my son has been sick these past few weeks and now  I think I'm  starting to catch what he has. I think I have caught every sickness going around in his school (haha) Anyways..

With the holidays around the corner I find myself wanting to make things to decorate with. My favorite thing to make right now are wreaths. I decided to open up an online store to start selling my "creations". I plan to make candles,hand scrubs,soaps and manicure in a jar ( it's a cute mason jar filled with everything you need to paint your nails)

If you are interested you can view my online store here:

I will be posting more wreaths soon when I am finished with them. Here is one I have listed so far

Mini Christmas Wreath

Do you like to decorate for the holidays?

Thanks for reading :)