Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a wonderful idea! Operation: Sweet dreams,soldier!

I want to share a facebook page that is very special to me. If you are in the houston and surrounding areas i hope you will like this page and help to support our troops

Quiero compartir una página de facebook que es muy especial para mí. Si usted está en el área de Houston y sus alrededores, espero te gustará este página y ayudar a apoyar a nuestros soldados!/pages/Operation-Sweet-Dreams-Soldier/418468944855016

What i love this week.

So I've been reading a lot of blogs and articles on fall trends that everyone loves and it gave me an idea to share what i love this week.

Fall weather has finally made its way to Texas! Wooooo!!!!!!!

You have to live in Texas to fully understand my excitement lol.
 There is just something about fall that gets me into a happy mood. I think it might be because i associate cooler weather with the holidays and also memories from when i was younger.

Here are a few things that I love this week.

I just checked out this book from my library yesterday. The first page Sophie automatically had me hooked. I also loved her shopaholic series.

I really love this perfume its so girly. It smells fresh and sweet.

So I found this small glass owl at a dollar store here by my house. I was looking for some things to glue on a fall wreath I am making. (I will make a post and show you when I am finished) I find it very funny that I'm so obsessed with these cute owls because I am terrified of the ones that are outside of my house at night. haha (Hey,don't judge me okay)

Ever since i heard this song on the VMA's I fell in love with it.. It's so catchy! 

And last what i love is a website i stumbled upon while looking for the Taylor Swift video it is called  This is a really great site that promotes positive body image and is a 100% positive community where you can share you product reviews, advice and just help someone in need out. It seems like  really great idea and I'm really looking forward to their site launching.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Green Leaf's & bananas Giveaway!

Green Leaf's & Bananas is having a vitamix giveaway. Click here to enter.

what is Green Leaf's and Bananas? Here is a description from their facebook page:


Welcome to the official Facebook Page for Green Leaf’s and Bananas, two fresh and healthy alternatives to the normal food court fare. Look for us in malls and airports all over the world!
Green Leaf’s, founded in 1976, now has more than 20 stores worldwide. Bananas, founded in 1979, has more than 15 locations worldwide.

At Green Leaf’s, we serve made-to-order salads from our “Pick & Mix” salad bar, delicious wraps, grilled Panini sandwiches and hearty homemade soups. We use only top-quality, fresh ingredients … a difference you can taste in every bite.

Bananas whips up healthy treats including refreshing real fruit smoothies, cool Frosties, delicious frozen yogurt , hand rolled pretzels and a variety of Grab-n-Go snacks. Our menu offers treats you can feel good about. It’s all of the pleasure with none of the guilt ... so go Bananas!
Their food looks really great. Next time i am out at the mall i am going to see if they are located in the food court. Be sure to "like" them and enter the giveaway!

These look delicious!!

Tex-Mex Salad with ranch dressing YUM!!

Banana Strawberry Frostie..

Thanks for reading.. i have to go look up their locations so i can visit A.S.A.P! :) Have a great Monday and thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gain Sunflower and sunshine detergent & fabric softener review

Thanks to Mamas Latinas and Gain i received Gain detergent and fabric softener in the Sunflower and Sunshine scent. It came in a cute mini green basket that i will reuse for something later on.
Its so cute, right? :) i really loved the colors they used on the bottles and the scent is amazing!
If i had to describe the scent to you i would say when you first smell it in the bottle you smell sunflowers then i smell a sort of citrus/orange scent.

I really like how it did a great job at removing oil and dirt from my husbands clothes. He is a diesel mechanic so his clothes get pretty filthy and stink horribly but Gain did a great job and removing the stains and odor so i am pretty pleased!
It also did a great job on my other laundry as well.
One thing i noticed after doing laundry and leaving the house for a few hours is when i came home my house smelled like Sunflowers and Sunshine.
I have tried other scents from gain that i loved also. Make sure to try any of these Gain detergents and fabric softeners.. you will not be disappointed!

and of course you cant go wrong with the original scent either! 

I have to say Gain makes washing my laundry enjoyable.  What is your favorite Gain scent?

Follow and "Like" Gain ( just click on the icons)


Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Toffee Bars

These toffee bars are so delish! They would be great for holiday gifts,parties or just to have around to snack on! The bottom of it is a soft and fluffy cake topped with chocolate and toffee bits, you can also add nuts if you would like.
1/2 Cup butter softened
3/4 Cup packed brown sugar
1 Egg
1/2 Tsp Vanilla
1 Cup all purpose flour
1/8 Tsp Salt
3/4 Cup semi sweet chocolate chips ( sometimes ill use 1 Cup if you are a chocolate lover go for it! :) )
1/3 Chopped walnuts or nuts of your choice (optional)
1/3 Toffee pieces

                     **Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1.Beat butter with electric beaters on medium high for 30 seconds,
   -Add brown sugar, egg, and vanilla. Beat until combined, scrape sides of bowl,beat in flour and salt.
2. Spread dough evenly in ungreased 13X9 pan
3. Bake 15 minutes or until edges are brown and surface is dry
4. Remove from oven and immediately and sprinkle chocolate chip pieces, let stand for 2 minutes
5. Spread the chocolate evenly
6. Sprinkle with toffee pieces and nuts
Cut and enjoy! :)

Let me know how your toffee bars come out and thanks for reading.