Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gain Sunflower and sunshine detergent & fabric softener review

Thanks to Mamas Latinas and Gain i received Gain detergent and fabric softener in the Sunflower and Sunshine scent. It came in a cute mini green basket that i will reuse for something later on.
Its so cute, right? :) i really loved the colors they used on the bottles and the scent is amazing!
If i had to describe the scent to you i would say when you first smell it in the bottle you smell sunflowers then i smell a sort of citrus/orange scent.

I really like how it did a great job at removing oil and dirt from my husbands clothes. He is a diesel mechanic so his clothes get pretty filthy and stink horribly but Gain did a great job and removing the stains and odor so i am pretty pleased!
It also did a great job on my other laundry as well.
One thing i noticed after doing laundry and leaving the house for a few hours is when i came home my house smelled like Sunflowers and Sunshine.
I have tried other scents from gain that i loved also. Make sure to try any of these Gain detergents and fabric softeners.. you will not be disappointed!

and of course you cant go wrong with the original scent either! 

I have to say Gain makes washing my laundry enjoyable.  What is your favorite Gain scent?

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