Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What i love this week.

So I've been reading a lot of blogs and articles on fall trends that everyone loves and it gave me an idea to share what i love this week.

Fall weather has finally made its way to Texas! Wooooo!!!!!!!

You have to live in Texas to fully understand my excitement lol.
 There is just something about fall that gets me into a happy mood. I think it might be because i associate cooler weather with the holidays and also memories from when i was younger.

Here are a few things that I love this week.

I just checked out this book from my library yesterday. The first page Sophie automatically had me hooked. I also loved her shopaholic series.

I really love this perfume its so girly. It smells fresh and sweet.

So I found this small glass owl at a dollar store here by my house. I was looking for some things to glue on a fall wreath I am making. (I will make a post and show you when I am finished) I find it very funny that I'm so obsessed with these cute owls because I am terrified of the ones that are outside of my house at night. haha (Hey,don't judge me okay)

Ever since i heard this song on the VMA's I fell in love with it.. It's so catchy! 

And last what i love is a website i stumbled upon while looking for the Taylor Swift video it is called  This is a really great site that promotes positive body image and is a 100% positive community where you can share you product reviews, advice and just help someone in need out. It seems like  really great idea and I'm really looking forward to their site launching.