Monday, October 22, 2012

My First Beauty Swap

Hello everyone!!
Its been crazy over here the past few weeks so that is why i haven't blogged everyday like i planned.

So, last week i received my first beauty swap box from a friend i made here on blogger, her name is Maria. I had so much fun just emailing and texting her that at one point i forgot we were doing a beauty swap.

What is a beauty swap? It is when you and another blogger (or person) get to know each other and find out your likes and dislikes. You set a budget and shop for items they would like or want to try.

It was so funny when we were chatting we both have the same skin tone,skin problems and like the same colors and items. (well, she knows more about make up then me) So i actually gained more than beauty products with this swap, i also made a really cool friend too :)

Here is my box (we also recycled our beauty items we no longed used or never used but that's a separate blog)

This is how everything looked once i unloaded my box.
We set a budget of 50.00 but we both went over so i think we spent around 60-70 not including the shipping which was 20.00 for us both.
This is what i received in my box:
I love the urban decay set! i havent tried the elf one yet. 
All three of these are great! I really love the whipes they smell great adn the makeup remover works so good. 
First two lipsticks are elf brand and the last is nyc. Ill update the colors later when i get my lipsticks
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bronzers!  The translucent powder is great also
The brushes are great!!
These colors look so fun i cant wait to try them
I also received some fun candies and snacks but i didn't take any pictures of them.
Here is a preview of some of the gifts i sent her but you will have to read her blog to see what she  received.
If you want to see her box read her blog here