Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eboost review

I received a packet of Eboost complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
The flavor I received was orange.

A statement from their website:
It’s better than energy. It’s EBOOST.
Americans are busier than ever but we’ve relied on bad energy to keep up…until now.
EBOOST is a boost that does more. It’s a mood boost, focus boost, immunity boost, natural boost, a no-crash boost.
EBOOST uses real ingredients, stuff you’ve heard of like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Green Tea, Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid. And the stuff you might not have heard of: Quercetin, 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Huperzine-A — it’s all good too. What could be sweeter than that? Well, we even sweeten our product with Stevia, a plant, not a chemical.
What started as a celebrity secret for A-Listers like Madonna, Shakira, Oprah Winfrey and Amar’e Stoudemire is now a necessity for the multi-tasking generation. We took the time to formulate a multi-purpose product that really works so you don’t have to waste time with mediocre products that sort of work.
Get your boost with the convenience of a shot, or an easy-to-mix powder packet in four delicious flavors: Super Berry, Orange, Pink Lemonade and Acai Pomegranate. No matter how you boost, you’re sure to feel great. All day, every day.
They come in a convenient pack that you add 8 fl oz of water to.

This is how the drink mix looks.
I really like that the ingredients are all natural. That was one of my favorite things about this product.
To view the ingredients click here
The only complaints I have are  #1 the taste. It was very bitter but that is expected since it is all natural with only 150 mg of stevia leaf extract and #2 would be the price. I'm a bit cheap (ha ha)
Eboost $28.00  for a box of 20 powders, $39.00 for a box of 30 powders, and $ 39.00 for a box of 12 shots.
On the card i received it says
" Eboost will boost your mood,focus and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash. As a shot or an east to mix powder in four flavors, you'll feel great whether you choose orange,pink lemonade,acai pomegranate or super berry."
Even though i didn't like the taste it did its job very well. I had energy all day long and haven't felt a crash. That is one thing that keeps me away from energy drinks and mixes.
I really want to give this product another try, maybe i just didn't care for the Orange flavor. Next i will buy the pink lemonade flavor and see if i like it better.
For more information visit their website at:
What do you use for energy/immunity support? Do you think you will give this product a try?
Have a wonderful Sunday night and thanks for reading! :)