Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TreSkinRX follow up review

Hello! Ive been using the Treskinrx for a while now and Melanie was right! it has taken away almost all of my white and black heads from my chin. Before it felt like i couldn't squeeze them out no matter how hard i tried ( gross right!?) But after using the cleansers it has taken away the build up from my pores and my skin is looking great!

Right now she is offering a great special; the trial kits are 15.00 but if you mention my name Phelicia Castillo she will take 5.00 off. 10.00 for the trial kit is a great deal!

i still have a lot of product left so once it runs out i will do another follow up review. I will try to take pictures but it is hard to see with my camera but i will make some side by side pictures to compare.

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Melanie Zwiercan, Launch Manager Pa. - TreSkinRX
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 xoxo phelicia