Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner Product Review

Hello i am one of the moms that was chosen for Pantene's Influencer Program. My name is Phelicia Castillo and i am
a stay at home mom to on child, he is five years old. I love to fix my hair but i have the worst combination. I have very oily roots
with very dry ends.
In the summer i tend to keep my hair up in a pony tail or bun and straighten it once a week when we go out. Last summer i would braid my hair. I had beautiful hair to my waist. In February this year I cut it off to my shoulders because it was so dry. I really wish i would have had this shampoo, I am pretty sure it would have saved my hair :(
Here is a picture before i cut my hair

here is my hair a few days ago.

This is my influencer package. It contained a shampoo and conditioner of Pantene daily moisture renewal

I really love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner. It smells clean and very pretty. i washed my hair for the first time tonight with it. I really like it I was able to comb through my hair in the shower with the conditioner. I have not been able to do that with any other hair product. I was very surprised that i was able to brush my hair out so fast once i was out of the shower. Usually it takes me at the least 10 minutes to keep combing through my hair while it tangles over and over. These are my pictures from tonight.

my hair doesn't look too bad for being "air dried" Before my hair would have been so frizzy and poofy. Now it actually has a little bounce and volume to it. =)

here is another pic

I can tell that my hair lays a lot smoother in the front. I hated my haircut when I got it because my layers wouldn't lay flat i would just look poofy! haha.

After just a week of using this product my hair is silky smooth and has so much volume and the smell is amazing!!!

 So my hair is looking like real hair again! before it looked  frizzy or like hay :/ here are some pictures that i took with my hair fixed. Everyone loved my hair.

If you are like me and have dry ends from styling and your hair is frizzy you should give this product a try! I was skeptical at first thinking my oily roots would only get worse with a moisture shampoo/conditioner but i was so wrong!

check out pantene here  

what hair care products do you use?