Thursday, September 4, 2014

sheer cover review

I was one of the lucky bloggers to be chosen to review the sheer cover beauty line. This is what i received
in my package, (plus a secret tip i read in the brochure the last picture, ill explain that later.)
Perfect shade mineral foundation- $33.00 preferred customer $23.95
Studio foundation brush -$44.00 preferred customer $29.95
Conceal and brighten trio -$34.00 preferred customer $24.95
Studio concealer brush $19.00 preferred customer $14.95 
Sun-kissed bronzing minerals 37.00 preferred customer 26.95
Studio bronzing brush- 31.00 preferred customer $23.95
Lengthening Mascara $27.00 preferred customer $19.95
Lash extending fibers $22.00 preferred customer $16.95
Base perfector primer 2.0 fl. oz $99.00 preferred customer $64.95
Kabuki brush- $39.95  preferred customer $ 27.95

You can connect with  Sheer Cover on their social media sites including : facebook,youtube, twitter,pinterest and google circles. 
 To order you can call 877-859-8901 or from their website: They have different kits you can chose and customize.

my skin is all over the place, my skin is dry and oily in places, my cheeks are red and sensitive, i have big pores (yay) uneven skin tone, i think i have every unwanted skin problem LOL.

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The past few days my cheeks have been very sensitive but you can tell the perfect shade mineral foundation covered the red spots up perfectly. My shade was a bit light on me I'm usually classic or ivory next time i will order nude instead of frost. 
Remember the trick i was talking about in the first picture? In the brochure that came with my kit it said you can mix the mineral foundation with your moisturizer so i tried it and it worked really well. then i used the mineral foundation by itself as a powder and i like how it came out. I will say when my skin is as sensitive as it has been the past few days the kabuki brush i received seemed to be too rough for my cheeks which irritated me even more so i used another kabuki brush i already had that was softer for my cheeks. 
This foundation is easy to use and blend. I seen a travel brush with a tube you can put the mineral foundation in. You turn the brush facing down and it puts the foundation in your brush for you. I think i would like that better. It would save you time and if you're messy like me it'll cut down on fall out .

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The sun-kissed bronzing minerals is really pretty and it also has a highlight in it. I love how easy and smooth it goes on.
The lengthening mascara plus extending fibers was my most favorite part of this kit. It seems like the older i get the thinner and shorter my lashes are becoming. The mascara and fibers made my lashes so long and thick people ask me if I'm wearing false lashes. 
This was only one thin coat of each. This stuff is awesome and cheaper than other brands i have seen online.

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The concealer and primer work really well. i use both every day. The concealer trio makes me look fresh and well rested which is  great when i work nights, since i am very fair skinned under my eye gets dark really easily

All in all i loved everything the only thing i had a problem with was the kabuki brush the past few days only on my cheeks.
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