Monday, October 21, 2013

Goosebumps Hollywood Haunted Vacation Sweepstakes and TruMoo!

Hello! If you haven't heard I am a bzzagent and i was picked to try TruMoo with my son.(I received a coupon for a free gallon of TruMoo)
 Besides being delicious and healthier than the other brands of flavored milk TruMoo and Goosebumps has a sweepstakes going on right now for a free haunted Hollywood vacation. You can enter here

You can also like them on facebook and sign up on their fan page as well. Theres is no harm in entering besides the frights you will encounter on the all expenses paid trip if you win! =) also when you sign up on their facebook page they will give you an instant goosebumps dvd coupon!

So head on over sign up and get your Goosebumps dvd coupon then head to the store for some delicious TruMoo and throw a Halloween Goosebumps movie party!

Interested in being a bzzagent? head over to their website and sign up today!

Thanks for reading!
Milk Mustaches & Goosebumps,